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Cloud host still tries to show network interfaces that were removed

I had a host defined to netdata cloud, and it used to have some additional network interfaces, but the host has had them removed and rebooted, etc… so that those network interfaces no longer exist (not defined anywhere in the config). But we noticed that Netdata cloud (dashboard summary view) still tries to show the graphs. Do I need to force a “refresh” somehow to update that view?

The actual host netdata is fine, but the “Total Network Bandwidth” column of the summary dashboard cloud view still seems to try to show the non-existent interfaces. I see an alert triangle and the world “Empty” for the graphs.

@cjcox thanks for your input. We will try to fix this bug and will let you know when we are ready. It might take some time though due to prioritization.

I tried deleting the metric and re-adding it (, still the “ghost” interfaces returned.


Welcome to our forums! Can you please remove those fields from the summary view and then re-add them? If it works, we know what to do in order to fix this. It shouldn’t behave like that.

Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to us!