Phantom Nodes on Cloud Interface

OK, while trying to work through the best way to install netdata on AmazonLinux 2, I have performed yum installs from the EPEL repository, done a yum erase of netdata, installed via kickstart, uninstalled via kickstart, and done so multiple times.

Now I have two connected running nodes showing on the cloud console, and a whole pile of “phantom” nodes.

Is there any way you guys could super-administratively remove every node showing up in the cloud EXCEPT for the two nodes that are showing as “Live”? In other words, delete all “Unseen” nodes so I can start over again?

The Unseen nodes don’t seem to have have a delete button.

All netdata software has been removed from all other nodes (except the “Live” ones) and the EC2 instances rebooted. They are in a clean state to start over again, I’d like to get the cloud interface into a similarly clean state for the start over again.


Nevermind, found the Manage Space area and was able to select all the Unseen and delete them as per: