Make netdata cloud "forget" old, no longer existent nodes?

I am using netdata cloud to monitor some of my nodes which are mostly hosted on different VPS.
Some of the VPS have been removed/destroyed and no longer exist. But netdata cloud is still displaying them as “offline” but only in the “Home” screen, in the node listing no offline nodes are shown.
I would expect the same number of nodes should be displayed in the “Home” view and in the Nodes list.
How can I remove these “offline” nodes from the Home screen?
Thank you much.

Hi @Elija_Moods !

Hmm, it’s a bit weird, I believe it should be shown in the Nodes tab as well.

Can you try the following?

Click on the war room settings icon →

Then in the Nodes tab there. Can you see the offline nodes? If yes, you can delete them by clicking on the Trash icon on the right side of each node.

Does this work?

@Elija_Moods this is certainly a bug. Please report it in Issues · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub and we’ll handle it there.