Node count on Netdata cloud includes nodes "offline" that I've already deleted


I currently have 11 nodes running on NetData Cloud but the nodes count on the Home tab shows 22. Looking at nodes by status it seems it thinks there are 11 nodes offline but I can’t find them. I have added and deleted nodes as I’ve set things up but usually after I’ve deleted them they would be removed from the count. I checked nodes in my space settings and it shows 0 nodes when I look using the “offline” or “stale” tags. Is there something I am missing? Perhaps a place I need to delete the offline nodes that I am not finding?

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc:

Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (arm64)

What I expected to happen

When I delete a node from my war room, the remaining nodes are accurately reflected in the count.

Hi @timmyb824,

Thanks for reporting this to us, we have a bug open to track this and it is fact through the last checks - hopefully a fix will be released today

Here is the kink in case you want to track it [Bug]: Home page shows the wrong node count · Issue #531 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub


Hi @timmyb824 ,

The fix for the above mentioned bug has been released, could you confirm if all is ok now?


@hugo, yup I just checked now and the node count is accurate again. Thank you for the quick turn around on the fix!

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I am currently experiencing this issue on my netdata account.
I don’t suppose there are any other known issues with node deletion? :sweat_smile:

Hi @buckley310 ,

Actually there is this current bug open that relates to this [Bug]: home tab does not update when i delete nodes · Issue #679 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

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