nodes keep coming back into the war rooms even after deleted


just fired up my netdata to a project that was scrapped a few months ago… nothing was connecting, so i deleted all the nodes from the war rooms, but they keep re-appearing even though all the linux boxes are turned off… and if I do turn one on and try to re-join the node to my rooms, it keeps sayin that node is already in the room, even though i removed them all – and after a few minites all the rooms are re-filled with the previous servers that were deleted/

i even uninstalled it completely and re-installed and the node will not appear in the war room


There are a couple of independent things going on here probably.

  1. Hypothesis: Deleting a node from a room does not actually remove it from the room.
    With your linux boxes off, remove a single node from the room, via the cloud UI. Log out of the cloud, open an incognito window (start a clean session) and log in again. Check if the node appears in the room or not. If it does appear again, we will need to look at your space to see exactly what’s happening.

  2. The claiming info of your nodes is stored locally on them and also on the cloud. Removing them from a room doesn’t mean that they are removed from the space itself. The cloud will eventually delete obsolete nodes a few months after we last see them connected. But to start from scratch on the same machines, you first need to remove the claiming info from those machines. Follow the instructions at Connect Agent to Cloud | Learn Netdata and you’ll be fine

Hi Christopher,

thanks for the info.

appears the rooms are now empty. I’m just goin to do an uninstall and re-install/claim on all the nodes just to clean and update everything… its been a while, so far did 3 nodes and they are registering in the rooms successfully.