Can't delete stale nodes


I installed Netdata agents using the helm chart on AWS EKS. We use a mix of on-demand and spot nodes. Once a spot node is removed on AWS Netdata cloud marks the node as “Stale”, not “Offline”, so it’s not possible to delete it. When I open the space settings with the list of nodes, I can’t remove stale nodes as the bin icon has the sign “Delete is disabled”

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Netdata cloud with agents v1.38.1 on AWS EKS 1.22

What I expected to happen

I should be able to remove stale nodes

Hi @alex.grinko ,

Thanks for the feedback, at the moment the delete node option is only available for Offline nodes.

While a node that is no longer has its data available on a parent node it will still be identified as Stale, the goal was to ensure the data would be available for longer on these ephemeral/spot nodes that go on and off quickly.

We understand that there could be cases that as per user choice it should be possible to allow the deletion of them. We have this Feature Request to track this [Feat]: ability to delete stale or live nodes · Issue #690 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub in case you want to follow its progress.


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Hello Hugo,

Thanks for the reply. Is there any time period defined after which a stale node becomes automatically offline? Or it will remain stale forever?

That will depend on the data retention on your parent node, as long it holds the data for your child node (that now is offline), it is reporting to Cloud that there historical data available to query for that node

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