Impossible to delete Stale node?

I read the following

But still scratching my head.

How can I delete the stale node circled below?

The trash can says “Delete is disabled” when I hover over it

Discord thread

Just circling back in case this helps some poor soul…

  1. From, navigate to your Node list
  2. Next to the name of the Stale node, click on the little (i) symbol (View node information)
  3. At the very bottom of the panel that opens to the right, you will see a "View node info in
    json" button - click it. You should see a message that says “JSON copied to clipboard”
  4. Paste that into a text editor.
  5. Grab the value of the id: {...} key. This should be a string in UUID format, e.g. 6e072590-a422-45b2-bdab-cdd3fb14ad68
  6. Connect to your parent node via SSH
  7. Execute the following command:
    netdatacli remove-stale-node {uuid}
    substituting {uuid} above with your real one, obviously…

@luckman212 I also asked to implement the deletion of stale nodes by hostname, but this was not done. I think we need this, I think using just the uuid is unnecessarily complicated. I will keep asking!

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