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How can I reverse send/receive for net.interface?

I have a graph displaying network traffic, however I’d like to reverse the send and receive dimensions so what currently displays as send is receive, and vice-versa. How can I do that?

<div style="width: 100%;">
        <div data-netdata="net.ixl0"
            data-title="Total Internet - ixl0"

Hi @ensnare

You want sent to be the first dimensions and received 2nd? Or you want to swap names - sent shows received data and vice versa? :thinking:

Hi - I would like to swap names so Sent shows Received and vice-versa. Also so Sent appears on the bottom and Received on the top. Thank you

Well, I think it is not possible. @Jacek_Kolasa correct me if i am wrong, please.