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Is the Netdata frontend aware of hidden dimensions

I came across the documentation at which mentions the concept of a hidden dimension.

We have an a typical use case where we would like a dimension to be collected and sent to the frontend in dashboard.js, but not be displayed on the chart. Would a hidden dimension accomplish this, or does that just hide the dimension from the chart definition on the API?

Hey @dave_s,

Thanks for the question. This is actually a very good question. @Jacek_Kolasa is probably the person best fitted to answer this.

Out of curiosity, what would be the use-ase? We are always eager to learn what custom collectors our community is building. What language did you use?


Hi @dave_s, i haven’t tested that yet, but i think the dimension will just not be present on FE in this case. Will it solve your case? I don’t understand why you want the dimension to be sent to frontend, but at the same time not be displayed.

If you want the dimension to be visible on FE, but toggled off (grayed-out by default with an option to enable) , then it’s unfortunately not possible at the moment.