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How can Netdata be free?

The Netdata Agent is free, open source software licensed under GPL v3.0. No registration is required; just install and go. It is ideal for single-node monitoring.

Netdata Cloud is free, closed source, software-as-a-service that brings together metadata from all of your endpoints running the Netdata Agent, giving you a complete view of the health and performance of your infrastructure.

Because you retain all of your data, Netdata Cloud is extremely lightweight and performant, with very low incremental cost and infinite scalability.

In the future, we will offer a paid plan with advanced functionality for enterprise users.

Netdata is a venture-funded company.

Is Netdata, Inc. committed to having a core version of Netdata that’s free and open-source, forever?

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@Daniel , Yes, we are committed to continuing the development and offering of the open-source Netdata Agent.

Whatever closed-source or premium features we implement, will be for the Netdata Clour or other products, not the Netdata Agent.

It’s our gift to the world! :muscle:

Thank you for this clarification, I am sure that a lot of users would have thought the same thing!

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Adding to this, we can commit that the current version of Netdata Cloud will always remain free.

That means:

  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Unlimited War Rooms

This link will be always up to date, regarding paid and free plans:

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