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Query on Netdata Agent Documentation license

Hello Team

Thanks for the awesome documentation.

We are planning to use Netdata Agent for our monitoring needs and I am a bit confused with licensing terms for documentation

I can see that the technical documentation related to the open-source Netdata Agent is stored inside netdata/netdata repository on GitHub.

But as per the Terms of Use the technical documentation is mentioned as Netdata-Owned content as below.

  • Licensing Netdata-Owned Content: Netdata owns all right, title and interest, and reserves all rights in and to Netdata Owned Content, including our technical documentation, Trademarks and Netdata Cloud software code. Any use of Netdata Owned Content requires proper attribution and prior written approval from Netdata.

I assume the above statement is applicable only for Netdata cloud’s Technical documentation(which is closed source) and the Technical Documentation of Netdata Agent is not affected by any means by the above clause and it still licensed under GPLv3 as the agent’s source code.

Can you please help to confirm if my understanding is correct.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hello Karthik - welcome!

Good question - i will defer to @Christopher_Akritid1 or @David on this one though as am not really sure myself.

I’ll ping them direct to try follow up if they don’t see this in the next day or two.

Everything you see under any of our open source repos including netdata/netdata is licensed under GPLv3. A large part of what you see under comes from there and of course it remains licensed under GPLv3.

We have additional technical documentation that may not available under an open source repo and that appears in That’s the part that we call Netdata-owned. Getting an approval to use that as well won’t be an issue though, if you need it.