how to build a kickstart local server?

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I want to install netdata use the but use myself nginx web server. what should i do?

Hi, @jiangxiaobai. Can you elaborate on what “use myself nginx web server” means?

When I install it with the official script, it will go to github or other Internet addresses to pull the required files, but my server can’t pull the files because of the Internet connection, so I want to manually pull the required files to a local file server and distribute them to the server to be installed. At the same time, I also want to make some customized configuration modifications during installation, such as disabling the User and UserGroup of the app plugin. I would like to know where I can go to download all these files and put them on my nginx web server.

Check Install Netdata on offline systems | Learn Netdata

thx.I’ve read this article, and it does give me the installation package directly, but before installing, I have some custom configuration requirements, such as turning off the app plugin, such as auto-registering to consul, etc., so I may have to manually compile and install it. My idea is to download the source code to the web server, modify the relevant configuration, and then manually compile the installation package to distribute to the machine to be installed, and the whole installation process only needs to enter a command on the machine to be installed: such as bash <(curl -ss http://${localserver}/ --dont-wait. But I don’t know how, can you give me some specific ways to do it?

I think you need to figure it out yourself. We don’t have other “install Netdata on offline systems” methods.