How to setup including webgui?


I tested netdata in a container and wanted to test it further in an Ubuntu22 vserver, but after the installation i have no webservices.
I Tried the installation via integrations in the website and from the guide:

After the setup is finished there is no webservice configured and from the guide where the config of the webserver should be - there is nothing web realted in the config file.
Do i have to install apache before i install the Software?
I just want the same setup like in the Docker container version, because i want tho configure the monitoring Service locally- without the Netdata cloud.
I used the nocloud flag in the installation.
Thank you for every hint!

Hi @madadmin

You don’t need any web server software installed. Netdata contains it’s own web server component. Does reaching to http://ip_of_the_node:19999 does not work?

Hi @Manolis_Vasilakis
The firewall is disabled and in the netdata conf there is nothing related like mentioned in the webserver config guide:

It seems that there are two services listening, but i cant tell if the IP local address port is correct- its for ipv4

Im evaluating too if there could be an issue with internal firewall related restrictions.

Hi @Manolis_Vasilakis,

we had internal increase in restrictions so its a home made issue.
I can reach the webgui now.
Thank you for your help!

But i still find confusing, that there is no [web] section in my netdata conf.
Dit it move after a certain version and the guide is a bit out of date?

Tank you!

Hi @madadmin

All right, thanks for the update. It is normal for your stock netdata.conf to look like this after a fresh install.

Netdata maintains internally a full netdata.conf file, and you can replace the one you have using the curl or wget method.

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