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Netdata Web interface is not working

I do have found my question before but none of the other solutions seems to work for me.
I have installed Netdata a few days ago and it just worked fine. After installing Nginx the web interface stopped working.
I am using Google Chrome Versie 90.0.4430.212.
For now I only want Netdata to run on my Dietpi.
I have to say I am pretty new to Linux so if someone could help me out that would be great :slight_smile: (so if you are willing to help me keep in mind you are talking to a noob :sweat_smile:)
Just ask if you need me to provide more information about the problem.

Hi @Gino_Schreuders

Let’s see, please do the following commands and share the result

# ssh to the Dietpi server

ps faxu | grep "[n]etdata"

sudo ss -ntlp | grep 19999

It started working randomly after I restarted my PC several times. But thanks for your answer :slight_smile: