How to combine sensor dimensions?

I use lm-sensors and netdata successfully monitors HDD and system temperatures, etc. System temperatures are under sensors.coretemp-isa-0000_temperature or sensors.nct6687-isa-0a20_temperature. These charts have multiple dimensions, e.g. core 0, core 1, etc, or mos temp, socket temp, etc, and display the dimensions combined in one chart.

Individual drive temperatures are under

  • sensors.drivetemp-scsi-0-0_temperature
  • sensors.drivetemp-scsi-0-10_temperature
  • sensors.drivetemp-scsi-0-20_temperature
  • sensors.drivetemp-scsi-5-0_temperature

I would like to combine these drive temperature sensors in a single chart, with multiple dimensions. I believe because each of these temperatures is on a different system path (if that’s the correct terminology), they are monitored as independent sensors. Is that something I can do by configuring netdata, or do I need to configure sensors to adjust the paths somehow?


Some screenshots of the charts would help, but I think that you can only get what you want from a cloud “Overview” chart. Each overview chart gets all dimensions of all instances, so everything is available to it. You then just use the top bar of the chart to “group by” what you want. We will eventually bring these chart capabilities to the agent UI as well.

I suggest you connect your node to the cloud and play with that overview chart a bit. Then ask again here if you’re still not able to get what you want.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my cloud node view for context. I shrunk the charts to see a few examples of the temperature sensors. You can see the core temperature chart has a dimension for each core (and looks really nice!), but the HDD sensor dimensions are all in separate charts.

As you suggested, I found my way to the “overview” chart and managed to make the plot I wanted. I note that the names are incorrectly reported to Netdata - it appears to be a level too deep perhaps. That’s not a Netdata issue, but I wonder if there is a way to customise it on Netdata’s end. I managed to change the names of my fans using the lm-sensors package, so perhaps that’s the place for me to start.

Thanks for the help.