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I can’t seem to find how to use python.d/sensors.
I currently have a custom dashboard showing various data for my servers.
My simple question is, what parameter do I use to get sensor information from the sensors.
For instance, I use: data-netdata=“system.cpu” for cpu data. What do I use for the sensors?
I’m only interested in the temperature sensor so I commented out the other sensors in the sensors.conf file.
I’m using blocks like:

so what does he bold value become for the sensors.?

BTW, lm-sensors is working perfectly from the command line

Hey, @Ibrahim_Salim_Omari :wave:

Check Sensors section on the dashboard, you have it if sensors collector is running.

Check charts names. For instance, on my screenshot it is sensors.coretemp_isa_0000_temperature

(coretemp-isa-0000 temperature (sensors.coretemp_isa_0000_temperature))