How to monitor WildFly (JBoss) realtime Metrics / Performance

Dear All,

Please let me know if it’s possible to monitor WildFly (JBoss) performance in realtime. I need to collect basic metrics like

  • Heap utilization
  • Non Heap utilization
  • Old Gen utilization
  • Eden Space utilization
  • Perm Gen utilization
  • Code Cache utilization
  • Avg. time for Major GC
  • Avg. time for Minor GC

Thank you

If I understand quickstart/README.adoc at main · wildfly/quickstart · GitHub correctly, you can get Wildfly to expose a lot of metrics in the Prometheus format. All you have to do then, is add couple of lines to our Generic Prometheus Collector and you’ll get charts for all the exposed metrics.

It’s not really Netdata without at least configuring some alerts and we’ll soon provide more user control over how to properly handle those metrics, but it’s the fastest way to get something.

We can also do a dedicated collector for this, but I suggest you first try out the prometheus collector and then you can suggest specific improvements to specific charts.