How to see charts of disconnected slaves on netdata master?


We have recently moved our Netdata master to a new system.
So, now all the slave hosts are sending data to the new server.
We want to be still able to see older charts on the older master.

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Cannot find anything related to this on googling or in netdata.conf

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc


        cleanup orphan hosts after seconds = 360000
        delete obsolete charts files = no
        delete orphan hosts files = no
        enable zero metrics = yes

What I expected to happen

After some config change, I should be able to retain and see all the previously collected data on the older server, which is now disconnected to the slaves.

I can see the charts that are related to the system like ram, cpu etc.
But I cannot see charts that are related to metrics that we send through statsd and charts related to other hosts that send metrics to this server.
I also cannot see thair names in the hosts list.
But /host/hostname is accessible with no charts.