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How to trigger the firewall to close port 25 on critical alarm on postfix mail queue?


Debian 10.7


How to trigger the firewall to close port 25 when there is a critical error on postfix mail queue?

What I expected to happen

So far email and telegram notification is working great. Need to know how to trigger a bash script.
Did some searching in google but could not find much. Maybe I am using the wrong keyword searches.

Need advice. Please help if possible.

Hey @pvanthony,

You can edit the custom sender in so that invokes your script. Using the health_alarm._notify.conf you can have it raised only in case of a critical alarm on postfil mail queue.

Please do share your results when you make it working, we love seeing first hand how our users use Netdata. It will be great resource for other users as well :slight_smile:


P.S welcome to our community, we hope that you stick around and your enjoy your time here :v:

Thank you very much for the advice. I will check it out and report back.

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