I think I have netdata installed but it says node is unreachable

I’m a n00b so please be gentle with me. I think I have installed netdata on my CentOS server. It took forever to install, and even timed out when my Mac ssh’ing in would fall asleep. On the third attempt, it appeared to have finished to its satisfaction.

On https://app.netdata.cloud/ it shows I have a node but it says “node unreachable”. Not knowing what else to try, I tried to install yet again and got the response:

Connection attempt 1 successful
uv_pipe_connect(): no such file or directory
Make sure the netdata service is running.
The cloud may have different credentials already registered for this agent ID and it cannot be reclaimed under different credentials for security reasons. If you are unable to connect use -id=$(uuidgen) to overwrite this agent ID with a fresh value if the original credentials cannot be restored.
Failed to claim node with the following error message:"already claimed"