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Im installing centos 6.10

GUI not showing few packages not found
please give me solution

few package name : autogen not installing for centos 6.10

Hello @Ajay-Dharvasthu ,

Few days ago I had to create a VM with CentOS 6 and I used the following steps before to compile Netdata:

1 - I enabled epel repository.
2 - I also enabled OKAY repository.
3 - I ran the following command that is described in our documentation:

# yum install autoconf automake curl gcc git libmnl-devel libuuid-devel openssl-devel libuv-devel lz4-devel Judy-devel elfutils-libelf-devel make nc pkgconfig python zlib-devel cmake

4 - Finally I installed Netdata:

./ --dont-wait

Netdata also has a script that helps to install what is necessary, but I normally do not use it, if you prerefer you can run:

# ./packaging/installer/

Best regards!