Issue with dbengine not supported


Centos 7


dbengine isn’t running resulting in loss of logs.

What I expected to happen

dbengine should work after enabling it in config.


I’ve actually searched around about this issue, and it seems the machine is missing some dependencies. My issue is that I don’t know how I can find the missing dependencies.

I’ve seen a github issue where the person ran autoreconfig or something like that and it was supposed to show the missing dependencies. And that also needed to be run in the “source code” folder. I installed netdata with the one line installer thingy and I don’t know where the source code folder is.

If anyone could please tell me how I can resolve my issue I’d really appreciate it.

Hi @purecc !

Ok, possibly there is a missing dependency for dbengine, and that’s why it wasn’t compiled, for example lz4-devel, libuv-devel, openssl-devel and pehaprs others. Can you check if you’re missing any of these?

If it’s possible, can you run the kickstart script again, and send us the output at manolis at netdata dot cloud ? We can then have a look and see what’s missing for dbengine to work.


Update on the issue:

It was randomly fixed. Or at least it’s giving me more data (more than 24 hours of log compared to 5 minutes based off browser cache). There are two possible fixes:

  1. A simple re-run of the kickstart script to install netdata again might fix it.

  2. Somewhere on a github issue page (I don’t remember which one) that has related issues with keywords like dbengine missing dependencies. One of the replies gave some packages to install. I don’t remember the specific packages, nor did I check if it worked after installing those packages.

But I’d suggest just try to re-run the kickstart script and restart netdata service to see if it’d fix it. If not, try #2.