Inconsistent memory usage of netdata across graphs


I don’t uderstand why the memory usage by application is showing that netdata is using 40GB of ram instead of 2…

Any idea of what’s going wrong ?

Version: netdata -v netdata v1.36.0-56-ga6966ce18
metrics: 5405

  run as user = netdata
  # some defaults to run netdata with least priority
  process scheduling policy = idle
  OOM score = 1000

  mode = dbengine
  # per second data collection
  update every = 1
  # enables Tier 1 and Tier 2, Tier 0 is always enabled in dbengine mode
  storage tiers = 3

  # Tier 0, per second data for a week
  dbengine multihost disk space MB = 1100
  dbengine page cache size MB = 1000
  # Tier 1, per minute data for a month
  dbengine tier 1 multihost disk space MB = 330
  # Tier 2, per hour data for a year
  dbengine tier 2 multihost disk space MB = 67

  cache = /home/netdata/cache
  home = /home/netdata/home

  bind to =

  enabled = no

  enabled = no

  enable running new plugins = no
  check for new plugins every = 60

  charts.d = no
  ebpf.d = no
  go.d = no
  node.d = no
  python.d = no
  statsd.d = no

  apps = yes
  cgroups = no
  checks = yes
  diskspace = yes
  fping = no
  idlejitter = no
  proc = yes
  tc = no

I notice also that the labels of the graphs are wrong.

Second graph is not user group, but users.

Hi, it looks like sql from User Groups falls into netdata from Users. You can check per group/user running processes using ps:

  • per group: ps -g netdata / ps -g sql
  • per user: ps -u netdata / ps -u sql

I notice also that the labels of the graphs are wrong.

Good catch, fixed in 13621. Thanks!