Intel Arc GPU Performance Issues with Netdata Monitoring Tool

Hi Everyone

I wanted to bring up an issue that I’ve been facing recently related to the Intel Arc GPU and its compatibility with the popular monitoring tool called Netdata. I hope that by discussing this problem, we can collectively find a solution or workaround.

To provide some context, I recently installed an Intel Arc GPU in my system, excited to experience its capabilities and potential. However, I noticed that when running Netdata to monitor system performance, I encountered unexpected performance degradation and occasional instability.

Specifically, here are the key problems I’ve encountered:

High CPU usage: When Netdata is actively monitoring my system with the Intel Arc GPU installed, I noticed a significant increase in CPU usage, which adversely affects overall system performance.

GPU utilization inaccuracies: Netdata seems to struggle in accurately measuring and displaying the GPU utilization of my Intel Arc GPU. The reported utilization often fluctuates erratically or remains stagnant, making it challenging to monitor the GPU’s actual performance.

Instability and crashes: On several occasions, when Netdata is running alongside the Intel Arc GPU, my system experiences crashes or freezes. This behavior is not observed when the GPU is not installed or when using other monitoring tools.

Hi, @winniewindsor. Netdata doesn’t have a collector for Intel GPUs and doesn’t monitor them.

Can you provide more details?

  1. Your system info.
  2. Netdata version
  3. High CPU usage. What is high? Usage w/ and w/o Netdata running.
  4. GPU utilization inaccuracies: make a screenshot of charts.

I hope that by discussing this problem, we can collectively find a solution or workaround.

I hope so too! The best would be to open a bug report on GitHub!