Modify configuration after upgrading to netdata v1.38.0?


I just completed Netdata upgrade from v1.37.1 to v1.38.0 successfully.

Do I need to modify my current configuration in order to dbengine v2 work as announced?

My current configuration of an agent collecting ~16.000 metrics is this:

# DB engine
  mode = dbengine
  storage tiers = 3
  update every = 1
  dbengine multihost disk space MB = 16000
  dbengine page cache size MB = 64
  dbengine tier 1 update every iterations = 60
  dbengine tier 1 multihost disk space MB = 4800
  dbengine tier 1 page cache size MB = 32
  dbengine tier 2 update every iterations = 60
  dbengine tier 2 multihost disk space MB = 940
  dbengine tier 2 page cache size MB = 32


None of the cache settings you have really matter, and even the retention on each tier doesn’t affect memory usage any more, just the number of tiers. You should already be in dbengine v2, which you can easily verify by looking at the charts under “Netdata Monitoring”. You’ll see some very detailed memory usage charts that were not there before.

Apologies for not having properly updated the documentation yet, the “nightly” version does have Database engine | Learn Netdata which comes from netdata/ at master · netdata/netdata · GitHub but it’s not polished and we still have all the old references there. We’re getting it fixed as soon as we can.