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This alert presents the percentage of used client connections.
Receiving this alert means that there is a high client connection utilization
compared to the limit.

This alert is raised to warning when the percentage exceeds 70%.
If the metric exceeds 90%, then the alert is escalated to critical.

References and Sources

MySQL max connections

Troubleshooting Section

Increase the Connection Limit

To increase the connection limit, log into MySQL form the terminal and use the following code:
show variables like "max_connections";
to see the current limit.

set global max_connections = "LIMIT";
Where “LIMIT” is the new limit you will choose, you can alter the limit without restarting the server.

To increase the limit permanently, locate the my.cnf file (typically under /etc but depends on installation) and append max_connections = 200 under the mysqld section.

You can read more in our References and Sources section.