"Needs Update" still displays after update, unless node opened

We’ve started updating our node to 1.33.1 (locally-built package). Cloud space is ANTz QA. On the “Nodes” tab as well as the notification up top, the upgraded nodes still show as needing the update. However, if I then open one of the nodes (97612d9d-84fe-45d9-968b-650729676576 for example), the info on the right shows it’s running our 1.33.1 build, and then the nodes page no longer shows needs update, and the count in the banner up top goes down by one.

But if I close the browser and come back, it’s back to showing needs update.

Is this just a display error? Or is something actually wrong?

Update: a lot of these are fixed this morning, so maybe it just takes a day or two for the status to update?

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It takes approximately two hours for the Netdata Cloud to update this particular info. So the issue is solved for you right?

Almost, most of the nodes are now right, but there is one (antz1-us-cl-awsqa02, eccfd182-8d78-4fd6-b2d3-69e47f198702) which is still showing needs update. It was updated almost 24h ago (at 2022-03-07 19:22:26 UTC). As before, when I open its node tab, it shows 1.33.1 and the banner up top (the one saying 1 node needs update) goes away.

I plan to upgrade our much larger production space soon, FYI.

Ok so the node named: antz1-us-cl-awsqa02 (with claim id? what’s is it?eccfd182-8d78-4fd6-b2d3-69e47f198702) is still having this issue (Netdata Cloud informs you that this node is running on an older version) but you can verify that the Agent in this node is in the latest version v1.33+

Yes, shows as needing update, until I open its tab, then it shows as updated (until I close and re-open then space, then it goes back). That UUID is the one that shows up in the URL on its node page, the claim_id is 9571b4c2-77a4-11eb-87f5-0aeb33a4738b