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Up to date, but "Needs update"

Hello !
I just setuped netData on my server, and connected it to NetData Cloud. But the information about the node are not displayed :

And the agent is up to date : Screenshot by Lightshot

Any idea ?

Same here, first installed by repository (apt -y install netdata) in Debian Buster, then removed and installed by script from Netdata web.

This is also why I’m here. But I believe I know the root cause. The distro packages are slightly lagging behind the upstream code but the upstream code knows how to phone home and check if it is the latest version. So we’re kinda just stuck with harried distro package maintainers who aren’t doing releases quite as often as the company. :man_shrugging:
For example on EPEL I know this exact thing is happening(extra packages for “Enterprise”* Linux. *Enterprise here means Redhat thinks they’re the only enterprise linux)
I believe this is what is happening to you also with apt. Just surmising though.

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