Nightly update netdata agent says there is a new nightly, but not in repo

I am driving Debian Bullseye
The Repo for netdata is bullseye/ InRelease     bullseye/ InRelease
. . .
 it is installed

ii netdata 1.38.0-159-nightly
ii netdata-repo-edge 2-1
. . .
The Reminder in the application says:

Your netdata version: v1.38.0-159-nightly
New version of netdata available!
Latest version: v1.38.0-198-nightly

Technically it should not print out this as the Repo does not has been updated.

Manually starting the updater does not help, but is clear to me.
So Question: Just sit and wait, or is it a small bug?
Shall I care?

Most likely a bug in package handling for our self-hosted repos. Thanks for letting us know about this.

Yep, definitely a bug in our repo handling code, I’ll report back here once it’s fixed.

This should be fixed now.

As mentioned above, thank you for reporting this @Bernd.