Netdata Action every 20 minutes ?

Hi !

I have an “bad” effect when i run netdata…
actual my PC (ubuntu 22.04) is running with nearly no services so load average is nearly 0.0 …
when i start the netdata service every 20 minutes i have a peak of 1.5 in my load (1 min) and this effect i only have if i run the netdata service… (see picture)
I searched in config files what it might do but w/o success
So what does netdata do ?

Ciao Gerd

Hi there,

Best guess (because I can’t say with confidence that in your system with your config this is the answer) this may be due to the operation of dbengine. I understand your concern (what’s going on in my system) but IMHO it’s not so many resources to consider it as a “bad effect” (again I am not aware of the specifics for your system). Especially for a monitoring solution with 1s granularity.

I will refer you to explore the Netdata monitoring subsection in the Netdata dashboard

Here you can see exactly what resources Netdata is consuming. You can also explore our docs on dbengine.

  1. Database | Learn Netdata
  2. Database engine | Learn Netdata

Thank you for your interest in Netdata,
Always at your disposal.