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Netdata container and disabling cloud connectivity


Hello all, I’m new to Netdata and I am looking to set it up as a docker container. I would like to run the container without cloud connectivity. Is there an equivalent environment parameter to --disable-cloud for the container version of Netdata?

Hey @tam481,

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In order to run the Netdata Agent without Cloud connectivity, you can start the container and edit the configuration to disable Netdata Cloud.
You can read more about the container and how to edit the configuration in the documentation:

In order to disable Netdata Cloud, you will need to make these changes to the configuration:

Since the container is already built, you can only disable Netdata Cloud at runtime, since the Agent is already built with the ability to use Netdata Cloud.

Out of curiosity (and some product feedback), what’s your use-case and why do you want to disable Netdata Cloud altogether?

Thanks !

Thank you @OdysLam
I am completely new to Netdata. I am looking for a way to monitor my raspberry pi and the docker containers I’m running on it and Netdata looks promising. I like to have local access to my data without any reliance on external cloud services. This is why I don’t have a smart home heating system. I’m still waiting for one that works without “the cloud”

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Since you are interested about IoT, I would suggest to give a try to Home Assistant. It’s one of the best Open Source projects out there!

Thank you. I did give it ago and it looks good but not as flexible in my view as OpenHAB which is my current preferred Home Automation solution. I watched some videos about hass and it seemed far easier to configure than OpenHAB but when I set it up I couldn’t figure out how to configure the device status or batteries. I wanted to display my light with a drop down menu for scenes and brightness and I couldn’t see a logical way to do it. I posted questions on the forum and got no answers. Conversely, I found the OH community more friendly to newbies.
Hass is easier with mqtt discovery but I don’t have that enabled on my Tasmota devices due to enabling MQTT TLS and limited resources on the hardware.

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In general I have had a very different experience with HASS, both with a very helpful community and a very easy to configure setup due to YAML based modules (and a ton of available ones).

That’s very interesting. Is OpenHAB still active?

Back in the days (like before HASS) I used something called webiopi to create my smarthome. Good times :stuck_out_tongue: