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Netdata crashed during update and eBPF plugin also crashed according to entries in /var/crash

Two entries in my Ubuntu 20.04.1LTS /var/crash folder today. One on Netdata itself apparently when the nightly updates were being run and the other on the eBPF plugin again. I see nothing wrong in Netdatas operation. I’ve attached links to the two crash reports and the Netdata error log.



Error Log

Thanks @chris.pollock for bringing this up. Pinging @Thiago_Marques_0 since he is the brains :brain: behind our eBPF collector.

Hi @chris.pollock,

Thank you to give us the link, this is helping me to understand the whole situation.

Best regards!

Hi @chris.pollock,

Thanks the paste bin I could create all the necessary conditions to crash ebpf.plugin, I made the PR that is bringing a fix for the reported problem.

Thank you!

Good morning @Thiago_Marques_0, glad I could be of some help. I assume the fix you created will be included in tonight’s nightly update?

Hello @chris.pollock, you are right, we merged the PR few hours ago. I expect that you will have another core dump during the update, but tomorrow you should not have them.

Best regards!

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Good morning @Thiago_Marques_0, the nightly update went well this morning, no crash report. :smiley:, thank you.

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Hello @chris.pollock,

I am very happy with this news!

I also need to thank you for the logs you gave us, without any doubt, this was a bug fix that we made together :smiley: !

Please, let us know if you have any other problem.

Best wishes!

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