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Netdata data location & spigotmc

Where does netdata save its data?
Can I connect more than one spigotmc server to netdata over the same port?
How can I deactivate some graphs I dont need?

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Hey @crafter2345,

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  1. Netdata stores data locally, on the server on which it is collected. You can read more on our security docs.
  2. You should be able to collect from different servers by defining different jobs. A job is an instance of the collector, so 2 jobs actually spawns 2 collectors of the same kind.
    Do have different jobs, define something like this:

To deactivate some graphs, you will need to deactivate the respective plugins.


  1. that mean the data is stored /var/cache/netdata, thanks
  2. but I have a cloud and every server gets loaded out of the template with the same port :confused:
  3. I have there only in my netdata.conf that plugins, is there a list where all plugins are listed so I can turn it off or on?
    proc = yes
    python.d = yes
    charts.d = no
    node.d = no
    go.d = no

and in a doc stand at the bottom of the dashboard is the counts of the metrics, but I cant find them

That’s not problem, since every job will have a different host, we don’t care about the port.

Here is an example about a collector who has many different jobs defined.

The link I shared about disabling plugins has all the relevant information. if you use edit-config, you can see the default settings (which is to enable most plugins, internal and external), so you can find which you want to disable.

  1. But through rcon a port can only used one timeand how it doesnt use the same server double?
  2. edit-config seems weird a bash script.
    thats from the link you’ve sent but something like cpu isnt there defined. In /var/cache/netdata are many more metrics

The charts you see in the dashboards are created by collectors, both internal and external.

The cpu will not be in the settings, since it’s a chart/section that is created by some collector. Try disabling them all (comment out the line and change yes to no: proc: no). See the effect of those changes in the dashboard.

I am not sure I understand the first question about the server and port.

My netdata.conf seem like that
yet are the important metrics hidden, and the useless metrics shown.
If I turn proc on, the important metrics like cpu usage are shown, but how can I hide the useless metrics like the temperature?

To my first question, if every spigotmc server has the same rcon port, how can netdata fetch them all, rcon says something like “there is already a rcon running on that port”.

The important thing is the first part with the useless metrics I do not need