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Is it possible to disable all parts excepts collector and integrate data in a server node?

After reading the documents, I have got that netdata can store data in timeseries database.
There are collector/UI/Alarm etc. in netdata agent. Here I wanna deploy netdata agent in multiple nodes, but what i need is only collector. To minimize overhead of netdata, I wanna disable other components of netdata and expose data to a timeseries database in another server.

Is this possible according to netdata of the lastest version?

If yes, which parts of document should I focus on?


You are right, let me clarify:

Is this possible according to netdata of the lastest version?

Yes, you can centralize all notifications on an unique server using streaming. If you prefer you can also export data using exporters.

To disable specific collectors, you need to edit netdata.conf and disable plugins.

Please, let me know if I miss something.

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Can I disable local database engine in the agent?
While centralizing all metrics an an unique server, I don’t have to store data locally. Disabling local data engine will reduce memory occupution.

What’more, if I centralize data on a server, there is no need to start nginx locally to show the portal. I just wanna to handle all the data on the server. Is it possible to disable the component of netdata(like portal,data engine/backend etc. Not special plugins of collector) according to my requirments?

Firstly, sorry for the delay, but I am on vacation.

Yes, you can disable what you want. Netdata starts everything, because we wanna simplify users’ life, if it cannot find the service, it will disable the specific plugin.

When you disable the plugins inside netdata.conf, this will force the plugin to stay off, until you change the setting again. For you disable specific features, it is only necessary to change enabled to no and that specific service won’t start. For plugins, you need to set plugin_name = no inside [plugins] configuration defined at netdata.conf.

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