NETDATA go.d plugin is bound to all tcp ports.

I have Netdata installed on a windows sever 2019 server via UBUNTU wsl. It works perfectly and is very reliable in terms of uptime, however over time, the go.d plugin binds to all availble TCP ports, preventing the server from creating new connections.

netstat -qno shows all TCP ports BOUND.

Is there anyway to restrict the plugin to a certain number of ports? Why does it need to connect to ports?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The go.d plugin does not bind itself to any ports to listen. It will use a single port for each job though (e.g. if you check an http endpoint liveness/latency, obviously it will need to open a connection to it). I can imagine a condition where Netdata autodetects hundreds of things it can monitor and tries to query all of them, but I’ve never heard of such a case before.

Please provide more info on your set up, monitored services and Netdata version and install method.

This is tracked in

Thank you Chris, I will attempt to recreate the issue again when the server has a moment of downtime again.