Bind plugin doesn't work

Hi all,

I’ve enabled the bind plugin on a Debian 11 server which acts only as a DNS and followed the manual.
Also added the statistics statement etc but it doesn’t seem to get any data pushed to netdata.
Running the debug on plugin as per docs doesn’t show anything wrong? See part of the ouput below:

netdata@dns1:/usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d$ ./go.d.plugin -d -m bind
[ DEBUG ] main[main] main.go:113 plugin: name=go.d, version=v0.45.0
[ DEBUG ] main[main] main.go:115 current user: name=netdata, uid=998
[ INFO ] main[main] agent.go:136 instance is started
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:42 loading config file
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:50 looking for ‘go.d.conf’ in [/etc/netdata /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d]
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:57 found ‘/etc/netdata/go.d.conf
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:64 config successfully loaded
[ INFO ] main[main] agent.go:140 using config: enabled ‘true’, default_run ‘true’, max_procs ‘0’
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:69 loading modules
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:88 enabled/registered modules: 1/78
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:93 building discovery config
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:123 looking for ‘bind.conf’ in [/etc/netdata/go.d /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/go.d]
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:139 found ‘/etc/netdata/go.d/bind.conf
[ INFO ] main[main] setup.go:144 dummy/read/watch paths: 0/1/0
[ INFO ] discovery[manager] manager.go:92 registered discoverers: [file discovery: [file reader]]
[ INFO ] discovery[manager] manager.go:97 instance is started
[ INFO ] run[manager] run.go:32 instance is started
[ INFO ] build[manager] build.go:107 instance is started
[ INFO ] discovery[file manager] discovery.go:73 instance is started
[ INFO ] discovery[file reader] read.go:41 instance is started
[ INFO ] discovery[file reader] read.go:42 instance is stopped
[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:154 received config group (’/etc/netdata/go.d/bind.conf’): 2 jobs (added: 2, removed: 0)
[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:303 building bind[local] job, config: map[provider:file reader source:/etc/netdata/go.d/bind.conf autodetection_retry:0 module:bind name:local priority:70000 update_every:1 url:]
[ INFO ] bind[local] job.go:194 check success
[ INFO ] build[manager] build.go:209 bind[local] job is being served by another job, skipping it
[ INFO ] bind[local] job.go:214 started, data collection interval 1s
[ DEBUG ] run[manager] run.go:43 tick 0
CHART ‘netdata.execution_time_of_bind_local’ ‘’ ‘Execution time’ ‘ms’ ‘go.d’ ‘netdata.go_plugin_execution_time’ ‘line’ ‘145000’ ‘1’ ‘’ ‘go.d’ ‘bind’
CLABEL ‘_collect_job’ ‘local’ ‘1’
DIMENSION ‘time’ ‘’ ‘absolute’ ‘1’ ‘1’ ‘’

CHART ‘bind_local.queries_success’ ‘’ ‘Global Successful Queries’ ‘queries/s’ ‘queries’ ‘bind.queries_success’ ‘line’ ‘70003’ ‘1’ ‘’ ‘go.d’ ‘bind’
CLABEL ‘_collect_job’ ‘local’ ‘1’
DIMENSION ‘queries’ ‘queries’ ‘incremental’ ‘1’ ‘1’ ‘’

Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi, @guruhost. It works according to the debug log. Can you

  • restart netdata service
  • wait a minute
  • and do grep bind /var/log/netdata/error.log

Somehow after a few hours it worked anyway. Thanks