Netdata kickstart script installing different versions on Raspberry Pi

I use the official netdata installation script to bring netdata to several RasPi.

The script seems to install different versions on various Raspberry Pi Model 3B.

  • One got agent v1.37.0-115-gdb0eb4556 installed.
  • The 2nd one got agent v1.37.1 installed.

What is the reason behind it and especially the difference of these versions? The script should install the latest version eg. 1.37.1 as far as I know. Is there any way to have the same, most recent netdata version consistently installed across all monitored devices?

Hi, @mx2k.

  • 1st - nightly release.
  • 2nd - latest stable release.

The default is nightly when using

Can be changed to stable by passing --stable-channel to the kickstart .script.

I assume that is what happened in the 2nd case.

Thanks for the explanation why I got different versions.

A question about the versioning scheme (I am no programmer):
The current stable version has higher version number than the nightly builds. That makes me wondering about stable/nightly versioning logic in general.

I assume, for a remote and mostly unattended netdata installation I should use the latest Stable release to not run into issues that might appear in the nightly builds (like recently fixed dbengine mem bug on 32bit).

the versioning scheme

it is confusing, yes. See [Feat]: Properly document the relation between different version numbers. · Issue #14112 · netdata/netdata · GitHub for details.