Netdata node URL with chartname parameter

I’m trying to generate link like this with custom chartName

however this parameter name is rather strange.


Could you help me to understand what is this uuid? Is it possible to specify chartName in URL without this long uuid?******-space/rooms/all-nodes/nodes/12f663e4-3ed6-4cc0-a5f7-be50aac6cb5e#appliedFilteredIds=&liveNodeIds=&staleNodeIds=&offlineNodeIds=&filteredNodesSearchParams=&metrics_correlation=false&after=-300&before=0&utc=Europe/Vilnius&offset=+2&timezoneName=Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius&modal=&modalTab=&5a864ed6-1be7-4455-aeb8-36cf93a0abad-12f663e4-3ed6-4cc0-a5f7-be50aac6cb5e-chartName=menu_system_submenu_network&modalParams=

hmm - not sure what that is - i’ll ask one of the FE team

i see what you mean - i can see it on my prom charts like below:


i tried striping off the uid part and see that the link does not work - agree would be nice if something like

would just work and if there happens to be 2 charts with same name that it would just pick first one or something sensible

@ben its the uuid for the room - so its sort of a constant that’s going to be the same for all charts in a room.

can i ask what the use case here is - so i can understand if is a feature request we should make here if this uuid part if a blocker of some functionality of more of an annoyance in terms of making the urls a bit harder to reason and work with.

Aha! Sorry for disturbing then. I could have checked msyelf that’s its same across nodes.

I have implementing “hacky” solution to send slack messages about each node. And In them I want link directly to the graph that raised “alarm”. Now it’s good. Let’s mark this as solved. Thank you for explaining.

cool, makes sense, i might make a feature request to clean up the urls like this on FE so its more intuitive for users wanting to use them for whatever reason as it is a little confusing with that room_id prefix and dont think it should be needed.

Well it’s not broken :smiley: not sure if it needs changing. Works good for me atm :smiley: