Netdata Not working / gettign errors

So my friend did somethig with netdata and i try to reinstall it with reinstall script but didnt workout… Same thing " ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" so i openned status and saw these errors:

ebpf.plugin[2680296]: PROCFILE: Cannot open file ‘/etc/netdata/apps_groups.conf’
ebpf.plugin[2680296]: PROCFILE: Cannot open file ‘/proc/1898425/status’
ebpf.plugin[2680296]: Cannot open /proc/1898425/status



These errors are happening because eBPF.plugin uses libnetdata to parse proc files. It does not have relationoshiip with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

  • Did you remove Netdata completely before to try to reinstall?
  • When you run the command netdata - v, what is the output?
  • Can you give us the whole output of the reinstall process?
  • Finally what your friend did with Netdata ? I am thinking that probably you do not need to reinstall it.

Best regards!

I don’t know what my friend did we don’t talk anymore. My version is netdata v1.31.0-532-nightly

I couldn’t find how to remove so I went with reinstall


Firstly I am sorry for the delay.
What are the errors message that you are receiving when you reinstall? And how you are reinstalling netdata?

Best regards!