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Ebpf.plugin error logged

I see the error below show up in syslog occasionally. It is true that the file mentioned does not exist at the location given. It does however exist at /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/

Jun 1 08:49:58 homeserver ebpf.plugin: Cannot load the ebpf configuration file (null)
Jun 1 08:49:58 homeserver ebpf.plugin: PROCFILE: Cannot open file '/etc/netdata/apps_groups.conf

Should I copy/move the file to the expected location?


Hello @kinsham ,

We had a discussion few days ago in our github related to this issue.

To parse the files that the error is reporting, we are using our the same functions we use to parse the proc files, it is already in our horizon to bring a change in our plugin to convert this error in a simple info message.

It is not necessary to copy the file as you said, because Netdata will use the internal defaults.

Best regards!



It is not error level message, but info (or even debug). All is ok, nothing to worry about.

We are aware of the problem, but it is not that easy to fix (to change severity level of the mesage) as it may look. We will fix it anyway.