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Netdata Tips and Tricks: how-to's on product functionality 💡

Hey all! This thread is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks on Netdata. We’ll be posting information on different functionalities for better usability.

Have a tip or a trick you want to share? Feel free to chime in!

Hey hey everyone, happy Friday! Today we’re sharing a tip on pinning dashboards. With Netdata Cloud you can pin your dashboards and navigate through the platform freely. Pinned dashboards remain within view, providing a reference to correlated metrics as you troubleshoot to help discover root causes faster:


Hey hey! Happy Friday! Our tip and trick this week showcases a new feature for the Netdata dashboard; using the date & time picker.

The dashboard now offers a way for you to quickly select a specific timeframe to view historical metrics. Simply navigate to the top right of your dashboard, select the calendar icon, and choose the timeframe for historical data you would like to see.


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Hey hey! Today we’re sharing how to filter your nodes on Netdata Cloud. Simply select the preset commands and choose the filters based on what you’d like to query.


Happy Friday everyone! We’ve designed Netdata to be extremely intuitive to the point you can even have Netdata monitor your Netdata instance, check out our GIF to see:


Today we’re sharing how to change the timeframe for all visible charts in Netdata Cloud.

Simply click any of the timeframes in the upper right corner of your chart to recalculate averages and redraw all your charts:


Today we’re sharing how to add new charts to Netdata Cloud. Navigate to the settings icon, select the + sign, & choose your metrics. Put your most important metrics from across your infrastructure in one place for full visibility:


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