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Netdata with Jitsi (SSL)

I’ve jsut setup a new box to use Jitsi on it, but before that I’ve installed Netdata. Everything was working as expected.
During the installation of Jitsi, you will get asked to either provide a certificate or use a self signed one. I went with the selfsigned one but replaced it with one from Let’s Encrypt right after the base install of Jitsi by running the provided script:


This went smooth too and Jitsi is working over SSL fine. However now when I try to access the web frontend of Netadata, I often get re-directed to the HTTPS site and get an error stating:

Any idea how to fix that ?


Debian 10

Hello @TrackMeDown ,

I suspect that we are having one of the following problems:

1 - SSL permission was changed
2 - The browser is not recognizing the TLS version that you are using right now.
3 - Did you restart Netdata after to change the TLS certificates? This can also have relationship with browser caches.

Best regards!

Thanks @Thiago_Marques_0 , for your swift reply.

  1. How do I check this ?
  2. Should be ok as Jitsi is working fine
  3. Yes I did

Hello @TrackMeDown ,

I saw now that I was not clear enough, I apologize for this, please, can you take a look at the files permissions?

I remembered now that months ago Netdata had a bug that did not allow to load the latest TLS 1.3, after the PR to merged this was fixed. What is your Netdata version?

Finally, please, can you run the following command?

openssl s_client -connect localhost:19999

If the output does not bring TLS 1.3, this can be the motive your are having this error.

Best regards!