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Nginx metrics on ws api


how would we track requests based on query string requests?
We have several apis that go to for example /ws/request.ashx but are routed internally based on Querystring

for example posts to:

How could we track this in netdata
Operation 1 = number of requests, fails etc…

Additionaly how could we track long polls?

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We will be sharing shortly example-apps on how to gather data from our API using a python library that we vendored.

cc @Andrew-Maguire @andrewm4894

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Hello @Alen-Loncaric ,

Netdata has a REST API that is nearest what you want.

Unfortunately right now we do not have web sockets, but this is part of our future plans.

If you have any doubt with our API, please, let me know.

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Are those lines in the nginx logs?