Overwriting alerts configuration

When automatically deploying NetData, we have no chance to use edit-config on each host when we need to modify any stock configurations. Instead, we’ve a technique to write e.g. /etc/netdata/health.d/my_httpcheck.conf to modify a single definition from the stock httpcheck.conf.

It seems that this is no longer working - not sure for how long but with the latest NetData agent it doesn’t work anymore. Those files are just ignored.

Has this been removed deliberately?

What’s the recommended approach instead to modify a single component in a config file? We don’t want to copy all of the configuration files to make modifications, we only want to modify individual components.

Hi, @jurgenhaas. Overwriting alerts configuration in the way you did should work, I just did:

  • create my_entropy.conf
./edit-config health.d/entropy.conf
cd health.d/ && mv entropy.conf my_entropy.conf
@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@ component: Cryptography
     every: 5m
      warn: $this < (($status >= $WARNING) ? (200) : (100))
     delay: down 1h multiplier 1.5 max 2h
-     info: minimum number of entries in the random numbers pool in the last 5 minutes
+     info: MY minimum number of entries in the random numbers pool in the last 5 minutes
        to: silent
  • restart netdata.service
systemctl restart netdata

The changes have been applied.

@jurgenhaas possible problems:

  1. Invalid syntax, can you grep "Health configuration" error.log right after the restart?

  2. /etc/netdata/health.d/my_httpcheck.conf is not readable by netdata user.

  3. Wrong health configuration directory. To check:

     $ curl -s "localhost:19999/netdata.conf" | grep "health configuration directory"
     # stock health configuration directory = /opt/netdata/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d
     # health configuration directory = /opt/netdata/etc/netdata/health.d
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Thanks @ilyam8 this seems to work indeed. Not sure why we were under the impression it wasn’t. Something was pretty strange but with you instructions above, we’ve rebuild everything and the behavior now feels ok.

Only one caveat we’re seeing in the error.log:

netdata ERROR : MAIN : Health configuration template 'httpcheck_web_service_slow' already exists for host 'mweb1'. (errno 2, No such file or directory)

is in there twice after each restart. The config files looks like this and seems to work:

 template: httpcheck_web_service_slow
 families: *
       on: httpcheck.responsetime
    class: Latency
     type: Web Server
component: HTTP endpoint
   lookup: average -3m unaligned of time
    units: ms
    every: 10s
     warn: ($this > ($httpcheck_1h_web_service_response_time * 1) )
     crit: ($this > ($httpcheck_1h_web_service_response_time * 2) )
    delay: down 1m multiplier 1.5 max 1h
     info: MY average HTTP response time over the last 3 minutes, compared to the average over the last hour
  options: no-clear-notification
       to: webmaster

@jurgenhaas changed the severity level to info in 12873.