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Restarting Netdata triggers alarms

Hey guys,

I’ve found that on several of my agents (hosts) when we restart the netdata proc (via systemctl) numerous alerts are triggered. Any thoughts on what would cause this?

I’m using netdata-1.31.


I just had this happen again. My alarm is:

alarm: systemd_dbs1
   on: systemdunits_dbs1_services.service_unit_state
lookup: average -1m absolute foreach *
 every: 1m
  crit: $this != 1
  info: Status of dbs1 services
    to: sysadmin

I wonder if I need a default delay on these alarms that fire on restart?

Hi @mjtice

You can take into account Netdata uptime, it is $netdata.uptime.uptime (in seconds).

See the example:

crit: $netdata.uptime.uptime > 60 AND $this != 1

delay affects sending notifications, but not an alarm status.

Perfect. Thanks, @ilyam8