The "off" device disappears from the server list

I have a Netdata server installed, to which clients are connected and send data to the server via streaming. Everything works fine, but I have a question - if a client is offline, it says “Off” next to that client and it is visible on the list for a specified period of time, and then it disappears. I want Off clients to be visible all the time until they are manually deleted. How to configure it? Thanks for the help.

Hi @ServerUser ! I’m afraid currently there is no easy way to do this (but we will check). However, what you describe can be done by claiming the parent node to the cloud. The list of streaming children will appear on the cloud and the list will behave like you described.

It was from your cloud that I moved to my own server because due to the short history, I need a minimum of a month, an unreadable panel, deficiencies and inconsistencies in the documentation and the current panel, and a few other reasons. That’s why I want this matter to be done on my own server.

Ok most likely it’s cleanup orphan hosts after secs that kicks in. By default this is set to cleanup inactive hosts after 3600 seconds. There is no way to disable it right now, but you could set it in netdata.conf to a really big value and check whether it makes sense for you use case.

Would you also like to discuss what you found lacking/problematic in Netdata Cloud ? We would like to hear your opinion and try to improve the experience for you. You can also contact me at if you wish.


I changed the value you provided and everything works :). Thank you for your help. As for the cloud, I will write an e-mail in my free time.

Thanks for the follow up @ServerUser !