track arbitrary unknown processes (possibly from container)

There is some process(es) on my unraid box that run away nightly and crash it. But I don’t know which one!

Is there a way to get netdata to either track ALL processes, or any processes using more than X% ram/cpu?

As an additional complication, its not impossible that its many instances of the same program being a problem in aggregate, so if it could notice that each instance is only using 1%, but there are 50 of them, that would be most excellent.

Hello @Jason_Coyne ,

We have apps.plugin monitoring processes (Collect application metrics with Netdata | Learn Netdata) running on the system, and we also have eBPF.plugin.
We already have an apps group named other that monitors processes without a specific group, but we only show other.
Furthermore, we expect to give even more details with eBPF next weeks, but this will consume more CPU resources, so it will be disabled by default.

After this whole explanation, I would suggest you starting with apps.plugin, and configure a specific alert (Configure alerts | Learn Netdata).

Best regards,