Unable to delete Netdata space

I want to delete my netdata account entirely from the netdata cloud.
I have uninstalled all the agents, and deleted the nodes as well.

When I go to delete the space by navigating to settings → info → delete space. I get the error “Cannot delet last space of account”.

I googled it, but found absolutely nothing, on this forum too I could not find anything.
Am I doing something wrong? Or perhaps I am probably missing a step.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!.

Hey @zeus, you can’t delete or leave your last space. You can however delete your account by going to user’s profile and delete account from there.

User profile is at the bottom left corner side, under space settings gear

Ah ok, understood!

So if I get this correctly, if I delete my account that means the space also get deleted, right?
Along with that all of the metrics data that has been sent to the Netdata cloud?

Yes. Account deletion means space deletion and connected nodes deletion. Agent data sent to cloud are passthrough and are retained by the agent. They do not live in Cloud.

Thats simply untrue.

Hi @Wojtek_X ,

Why do you say that?
Have you checked our page around data-privacy? Data privacy in the Netdata Cloud | Learn Netdata


Because this is how internet works.
Look: when one installs netdata-agent, what it installs is software that accumulates data, not visualization engine ( its in the cloud ) so in order to visualize data from your hardware, cloud needs to ingest it somehow. And this ingestion comes from agent itself. So, cloud needs to process your data to visualize it.

Not to mention that, since cloud is not open-sourced, noone knows for sure what happens to abovementioned data. You say it is not there; thats blatant lie. From business logic, common sense, technical, whatever you may think of, point. It just doesnt make sense.
I also assume that page you linked is also full of lies.

Since I cannot edit my post:

From your privacy page

This is why we don’t store any metric data in Netdata Cloud .

Prove it! Make cloud open-source project by opening its code!

See? With code of cloud being closed, you can claim all you want. There is no way for non core team members to prove you wrong.

@hugo Oh I found this cloud repo

Are you guys being serious? If this is being serious, its clear sign you are out of touch with reality and should abandon this wannabe serious monitoring tool.
Sorry for being harsh but you have no clue what it takes to create serious software.


Hugo is trying to explain how Netdata processes Agent data without retaining it. If you don’t want to accept an explanation that’s fine but the use of derogatory language towards the staff or any other community members, puts us in a place where we have to apply some type of action and enforce the rules within the Community Code of Conduct.

Terms of use and privacy policy are both legally binding documents that state which data the company processes, and which metadata it collects. It’s already transparent for everyone to see and assess.

A lot of people use and love Netdata Cloud. These people make sure that we can have both a free open source solution, and something on top of it that greatly enhances the experience with Netdata. This is key to keep developing both further, and keeping staff to maintain it.

Please treat everyone fairly, be inclusive and kind. Whatever you need with Netdata, we’re happy to help out. Have a good one and happy monitoring!

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Well, quite exagerated this is. Thats NOT that I dont want to accept; Were @hugo saying true, Id happily accept it, but, now comes the most important part, Hugo either doesnt understand how internet works, or is lying. Its not me, facts prove him wrong.

And now as of my attitude. Here also, you get wrong impressions. Its not that Im on the crusade of sorts to defame/harm netdata; I just say out loud what I think is wrong. Its not only regarding netdata; I criticize lot of projects. But, on the other hand, if I see good things, I praise. This is just how I am.

Hugo asked a couple of questions, pointed to a legal document and was polite.

It would be great to understand and discuss all the questions related to how the Cloud processes Agent data, that can contest both the current technical and legal basis, without any derogatory language towards anybody.

I strongly believe we can create a fair and participative exchange so it’s useful for everyone that visits this page, works for and contributes to Netdata.

“The internet” does not store the traffic passes through web servers and the services that make it possible. There is no magical audit log of every byte of information that is presented to you via Netdata Cloud, or any other service, for that matter. It would be financially impossible for us, or any other company to offer a free forever service, if we stored this data. We are the only ones offering per second resolution of unlimited metrics for free. Do you have any idea how much data this is?

Anyone can and dive into the open source netdata agent to see where and how its data is stored, and exactly what information it passes to the cloud and under what conditions. Wild accusations without the necessary work to back them up are easy. The work our engineers put in throughout the years to create a distributed solution with the data stored at the edge (i.e. on the FOSS agents) is hard.

We are sorry you feel that way, but the bad faith is obvious and we’re not interesting in continuing this discussion any further.