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Upgrading from an old version: v1.14.0-rc0-20-nightly


Amazon Linux AMI 2018.03


Found existing install of Netdata under: /

Existing install appears to be handled manually or through the system package manager.

ABORTED Existing installation detected which cannot be safely updated by this script, refusing to continue.

Seems like this version was installed manually, but now we don’t know how to either upgrade or remove it as it has no uninstaller

What I expected to happen

Being able to safely remove the old version so we can start from a fresh and new version

Hey @Gonzalo_Vasquez ,

I am so sorry that you are encountering this.

For starters, can you try to uninstall netdata using the package manager of your Linux distro? If that doesn’t work, please try these steps to uninstall Netdata.

cc @Austin_Hemmelgarn or @ilyam8 in case they have more ideas on this one.

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How to handle this kind of depends on how it was originally installed.

If you originally used the package manager to install it, then uninstalling it there will allow you to install the latest version (we intentionally do not mess with the system package manager except for handling of dependencies).

Otherwise, you should be able to get things working by adding --reinstall to the installer command you attempted to use. This will tell it to just install over top of the existing install, which should just work.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have proper procedures in place and yesterday we discovered this instance with an outdated version of Netdata, so we don’t know how it was originally installed but, using both yum and rpm, there are no records of such package in the system, so I presume it. was somehow manually installed

From this reference, I ended looking up for the file and found it under a local user’s home folder, so I was able to uninstall it from there :clap: :clap: :clap: thanks a lot!

PS: Now I need to figure out what’s missing from the underlying base OS, as it’s not meeting de required dependencies, although they are all installed

The static installer from did the trick to overcome the missing dependencies for building :muscle: