web embedded charts stopped functioning

i have a web page that has some charts embedded using the dashboard.js method,

  						<div class="horizontal-rule"></div>
  		  					 <div data-netdata="system.load"
  			  				 data-title="SATURN (NAS) SYSTEM LOAD"

i have 4 servers that display info in that page, 2 servers have stopped displaying info, in browser dev tools , i see this, GET|flip|jsonwrap|nonzero&after=-18000?_=1699793477264 404 (Not Found)…if i click the link in dev tools i get a page that says, Unsupported API command: chart=system.load&format=json&points=74&group=average&gtime=0&options=ms|flip|jsonwrap|nonzero&after=-18000

if i try to look at a internal; demo page such as , it fails as well

as well as page will open doesn’t display any charts

as i been touble shooting ive noticed some of the links to examples, such as Netdata Dashboard

display the same error

couple servers are still displaying data in web page properly

any suggestion would be appreciated

os is linux
i have updated to latest version of netdata

Hi, @kevin_yeakley. Thanks for reporting, it is a bug. Fixed in fix v0 dashboard by ilyam8 · Pull Request #16389 · netdata/netdata · GitHub.

how can i apply this fix?..i tried reinstalling using the kickstart script diddnt seem to correct the issue

You cannot apply this fix. Wait until the next nightly version is published - tomorrow.